MOSAIC CLASSES:  Dave Jarvinen offers a variety of creative mosaic classes in Phoenix, Glendale, and Tucson.  Get on his mailing list to see what is available.  His classes are reasonably priced, have a variety of creative projects, and he's a good teacher to learn from. Dave is my go-to guy when I have questions on installations or when I have a wild idea and don't know how to carry it out.  

WEDI BOARD:   Partial sheets of wedi board can be ordered online at various sites. is probably the best source.  They also carry wedi hangers, which I use for hanging my larger mosaics.  Wedi is also available at Emser Tile in Phoenix and can be delivered to Tucson's store for a fee....I used to get an order together from a group of other artists and we'd order 15-20 sheets and split the transportation cost. I'm not doing that any more but it worked out nicely if someone has a truck or van to pick it up with.  Someone recently told me that wedi is available now through in a few sizes!  Amazing!

MOSAIC MESH:  I prefer the fiberglass mesh I've been ordering from  You buy it by the foot, in pieces that are about 4 ft wide, so a yard is a pretty large piece.  

MOSAIC FILM:  If you've taken my classes, you know how wonderful it is to use mosaic film on larger mosaics when you're ready to use mastic to attach your tiles to the substrate.  If you need just a few sheets (each 12" square), I'm able to sell you some.  But if you want to purchase a roll, look at the web site and get their phone number in the US to phone in an order.  And, if you're tempted to try using contact paper, unfortunately, it doesn't work for my can count on a real mess! 

DI MOSAICO:  This is a fabulous place to visit if you're looking for lushishly colored italian smalti.  Most of their business is online orders but Tucson has a local store in the plaza at 3138 E. Ft. Lowell -- be sure to phone before heading over there because they aren't open regular hours.  They also carry lovely glass tiles, mosaic tools, and mostly anything you need for creating glass mosaics.  Check out their online site if you're looking for a mosaic class using smalti.

METAL FRAMES AND TABLES:  My tables and frames are handmade by Ken Glas Metalworks.  Ken will make any size and offers a variety of patinas on them.  In my studio, I usually use ones that are painted black or have a copper patina on them.  Contact him at or text him at 520-307-5467.